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Traffic Cone

Traffic cone is one of the road safety equipment that functions as a traffic control sign and is generally temporary. Traffic cone is widely used when there are road repairs, road accidents or stopping in emergency conditions. Traffic cone is also known as the traffic cone, because it is designed to resemble a cone shape. Designed with a striking orange color that can be seen from a distant position. Traffic cones are generally made of rubber and plastic.

Along with the times, Traffic cone is produced with a retroreflective coating, which is able to reflect light, so that it can be seen to light when exposed to light. This makes the traffic cone safe to use at night in a dark position. With the reflection of light on the Traffic Cone it will make the driver know that in the area there is a traffic cone.

We sell various sizes of traffic cones, both traffic cone rubber and plastic. Our products have superior quality and quality, so they can be relied on in all conditions.

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