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Extinguisher Tube APAR Viking

APAR Viking fire extinguisher is widely used in industrial buildings, buildings, offices, houses, hotels, airfields, mining, gas stations, telecommunications etc. APAR Viking uses a pin as a safety on the fire extinguisher. It is intended that the fire extinguisher is not used haphazardly. APAR fire extinguishers are equipment that is essential for fire prevention. APAR Viking fire extinguisher is widely used in Indonesia. Viking fire extinguishers are available for various types of extinguishing agents such as halotron (halon gas), Dry Powder, Water, Carbon dioxide (CO2) and AFF Foam (foam).

We sell various types of APAR extinguisher tube brands that have high quality, one of which is this Viking APAR. Viking products have been tested for quality and excellence so they can be relied on for your comfort and safety.

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