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Extinguisher Tube APAR Servvo

APAR extinguisher tube Servvo is one type of fire extinguisher that is widely used in Indonesia. APAR Servvo is produced in accordance with European Standards and uses International certified media (UL, LPC). And has obtained ISO 9001: 2000 Quality Management Certificate from TUV Nord. APAR Servvo extinguisher tubes are equipped with Safety Valve which is useful for maintaining excessive pressure on the tube due to high air temperature. Available in Portable or Trolley sizes.

Fire extinguisher APAR Servvo has high capability which is very suitable for various applications such as Industry, Buildings, Offices, Houses, Hotels, Air Fields, Mining, Gas Stations, Telecommunications etc. APAR Servvo generally uses Dry Chemical powder. Dry Chemical powder has a low melting point, the particles are very dry and swell to become a barrier until oxygen cannot enter so it can close the area of ​​fire, finally the fire will not ignite because the fire footing is covered. Reliable to deal with fires caused by fuel oil and flammable liquids through a Foam Extrem layer that covers all areas of oil and liquid puddles to prevent fire that can re-ignite.

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