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Chemguard Extinguisher Tube APAR

There are so many fire extinguishers, one of which is the APAR extinguisher. APAR stands for Lightweight Fire Extinguishers which many of us find in strategic places and easily accessible in buildings, hotels, malls and other buildings. APAR Tubes are portable and easy to take in emergency situations. Generally placed in an easily accessible area. This tool has several types of extinguishers such as halotron (halon gas), Dry Powder, Water, Carbon dioxide (CO2) and AFF Foam (foam).

Now various kinds of APAR brands are available to meet the needs of fire fighting equipment, one of the brands or brands that are most often used is the Chemguard Extinguisher. Why? because it is seen from the durability of the tubes that have been tested very strongly, they are dispersed indoors and outdoors, plus the APAR Chemguard is arguably cheaper and easier to refill.

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