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Extinguisher Tube APAR Anke

APAR Anke extinguisher tube is one type of fire extinguisher that is commonly used in Indonesia. using carbon dioxide extinguishing materials, chemical powders and foam, makes APAR Anke in great demand. This type of APAR tube is designed in various sizes, depending on the room or placement area. Have
and a simple form with the aim to be easy to use by removing the safety pin and spraying it into the fire area. Light fire extinguishers are very suitable for every building to minimize fire.

Types of extinguishers used throughout the world operated by cartridges are available in dry chemicals and dry powder types and are made from wet materials such as water, foam, dry chemicals (class ABC and BC), and dry powder (class D). In extinguishers containing dry chemicals, nitrogen is generally used; water and foam extinguishers usually use air. The pressurized fire extinguisher inside is the most common type.

We sell a variety of quality APAR extinguisher tubes at affordable prices.

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