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Along with the development of science and technology, various kinds of personal protective equipment were created for the safety and comfort of workers, especially workers who plunged directly into the field, one of which was safety shoes. Safety shoes are one type of personal protection equipment that is designed in such a way, so as to provide maximum protection of all parts of the foot. A pair of sepaty safetu must be used by someone when working to avoid the risk of accidents. Not only protects workers' body parts against the risk of accidents, but by using safety shoes, workers will be free to move so that they can increase the effectiveness and expected production results.

There are so many types and models of safety shoes, both produced from synthetic rubber material and from leather. Safety shoes provide comfort and a sense of security for workers. And can support performance, so that workers are more agile in their work.

Kings is one of the best brands for safety shoes products. Produced using selected material so that it can provide maximum contribution. Kings products have superior quality and quality and are certainly recognized in Indonesia, so they can be relied on for you.

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