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In Indonesia there are so many safety shoes as one of the personal protective equipment used on the feet. Various brands compete to bring sepaty safety with the best quality, one of which is safety shoes Dr. Osha. Safety shoes Dr. Osha has been widely used by field workers who have high mobility. These types of shoes are generally manufactured from rubber and leather materials that are designed precisely so that they are reliable on slippery surfaces. Thus, by wearing safety shoes so some workers are getting more agile in their work.

Safety shoes are created to protect workers from the risk of workplace accidents. Some of the benefits of using safety shoes are as follows:
 - Protect from Sharp and Dangerous Objects
 - Preventing Fatal Work Accidents
 - Make protection from Hot Objects
 - Protect from Hazardous Chemical Liquids
 - Makes Users Not Slip

Dr. Osha has a lot of experience in developing designs, quality and quality of safety shoes. Have superior products that are certainly reliable for you.

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