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Safety Gloves

Various kinds of personal protective equipment and safety equipment were created to support comfort and safety while working and reduce the risk of accidents, one of which is safety gloves. Safety gloves are self-protection devices that are used to protect all hands from dangerous objects, such as sharp objects, heat, even chemicals. Hand gloves used to protect from heat are certainly different from those used to protect hands from chemicals.

The following kinds of safety gloves are widely used:
 - Impact Hand Gloves
 - Abrasive Hand Gloves
 - Anti-Slip Hand Gloves
 - Hand Lifting Gloves
 - Heat Resistant Gloves
 - Chemical Resistant Gloves

Safety Gloves Material:
 - Polyvinyl chloride and PBC plastic
 - Natural rubber from rubber trees
 - From synthetic ingredients
 - From textile materials

We sell various kinds of safety gloves from well-known brands that have been recognized in Indonesia. Our products have the quality and quality that we are waiting for so they can be relied on for the comfort and safety of workers.

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