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Parking Lights Prohibited Parking 4 LEDs
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05 Nov 2018
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Parking Lights Prohibited Parking 4 LEDs are a type of modern designed signs using LED lighting. Deploying solar power solar power solar cell power powered lamp is suitable for parking in shop houses, office houses, villas, apartment villas, etc.

* Made of stainless and plastic
* Absolutely no need for cables or electricity in your home.
* It is equipped with a light sensor, in the morning when the sky starts to light, the background lights will turn off themselves and the panel will charge the battery, then in the afternoon when the sky starts to darken, the background lights will light up on their own
* Dimensions: Length x Width x Thickness = 19 x 19 x 6.5 cmr
* No special care needed
* This product is stubborn and durable, can be used annually
* LED lamp age 10,000 hours
* The power is on for about 6-9 hours, if you want to burn longer, you can replace the original factory battery 600 mAh with other rechargeable AA batteries that have a larger mAh (contact 1800 mAh or 2500 mAh)
* Battery life is over 1 year, if performance starts to fall you can replace it with 1 regular AA rechargeable battery, you can buy it anywhere.
We also sell various kinds of quality road markings at affordable prices.

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