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Protective Masks

Protective Mask is a face cover that serves to protect the respiratory tract from dust and other harmful particles. Protective masks are used to cover the mouth and nose (such as those used by doctors, nurses at the hospital when checking patients or during surgery) used by a practitioner / worker to protect / prevent / reduce their risk of infection / environmental contamination.

Protective masks also function to block fluid from the mouth or nose from contaminating the surroundings because this mask is made to trap viruses or bacteria that come out of the mouth or nose. If it is not for surgery or we are not sick, it is advisable not to use this mask. But if you still want to use it, it is highly recommended to replace this surgical mask several times during the day to ensure viruses or bacteria trapped in the pores of the mask do not enter our body.

We sell various kinds of protective masks. Our products have superior quality and quality so they can be relied on for your convenience.

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