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Traffic Lights

A traffic light is a lamp that is a symbol or a sign to stop, be careful and walk. Traffic lights are generally installed at intersections or road junction. Traffic arrangements at road intersections are intended to regulate the movement of vehicles in each group of movements of vehicles so that they can move alternately so as not to interfere with the existing inter-currents. With a traffic light, the road crossing will not be dangerous and jammed because it has been set using the lamp. Traffic lights have three lights, namely red, yellow and green. The red light means to stop, the yellow light means to be vigilant and careful - the green light indicates the road.

The use of traffic lights as signs has the following objectives:
 - Avoid obstacles due to differences in road currents for vehicle movements.
 - Facilitate the intersection between the main road for vehicles and pedestrians with secondary roads so that the smooth flow of traffic can be guaranteed.
 - Reducing the level of accidents caused by collisions due to differences in road currents.

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