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Worker safety standards should be heeded by project implementers, with the aim of providing a sense of security and comfort for workers, especially field workers. There are so many personal protective equipment that must be worn while working, one of which is safety glasses. Safety goggles can provide protection to workers from harm that can make the eyes and face injured. Dangers that threaten the eyes and face are like particles that fly, liquid chemicals, liquid metals, acid or base chemicals, chemicals that evaporate and gas and light radiation.

The comfort and security at work must be fulfilled to improve the quality of work. Safeguard offers various models of safety goggles that can be relied on for the comfort and safety of workers. Produced from quality materials so that they are more durable and not easily damaged.

The gift of Safety sells various kinds and models of safety glasses which is the production of manufacturers of famous brands in Indonesia, one of which is Safeguard. Safety safeguard glasses have good quality and quality so they can be relied on for you.

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