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Safety Glasses

Various tools for personal protection are needed by workers, especially workers who are directly involved in the field, one of which is safety glasses. Safety glasses are one of the personal protective devices used to protect the eyes. This glasses serves as a protector that covers the area around the eyes. Safety glasses can protect eyes from dust, and splash liquid chemicals. Safety glasses can also be used in conjunction with the prescription glasses because of the larger design. Material from safety glasses has a high resistance to protect the eyes with lenses that are resistant to impact and frames made of plastic or metal.

Function of Safety Glasses:
Useful as eye protection while working.
Protect eyes from small particles such as dust, radiation, etc.
Protect eyes from dazzling rays like when welding.

We sell and provide a variety of models of safety glasses manufacturers from well-known brands that have been recognized in Indonesia. We prioritize quality and quality so that it can be relied on for your activities.

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