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Tecasafe Coverall

Tecasefe Plus is a Coverall brand that is known to have materials that are more comfortable and durable for the existing industry. Coverall Tecasafe Plus provides superior arc flash and fire fire protection so that the coverall has resistance to high heat temperatures. Coverall Tecasafe is equipped with fiber bland technology to keep you cool when it's hot and dry when it's cold.

The gift of Safety as a provider of safety equipment provides various types of tecasafe coverall.

ProductNominal WeightConstructionCoolderm™ TechnologyPPE-Rating
Tecasafe® Plus 5805.8 osy (195 gsm)Woven (twill)YesCategory 1
Tecasafe® Plus 6706.7 osy (225 gsm)Knit (Swiss pique)YesCategory 2
Tecasafe® Plus 7007.0 osy (240 gsm)Woven (twill)YesCategory 2

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