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Eurotec Coverall

Coverall Eurotech is a type of safety clothing that is able to withstand high temperatures. Manufactured from special materials, a special material that is resistant to heat. Along with the development of the era of firefighters, the safety and protection of the fire extinguisher also continued to be improved so that the fire extinguisher can still be protected when carrying out rescue actions. Coverall Nomex can be used as a body protector from splashing hazardous chemicals.

Coverall Eurotech is very necessary for field workers. Able to protect workers from danger of heat, fire exposure, recycle liquid metal, electric current, hazardous and toxic chemicals, oil, blood and body fluids, asbestos fibers, etc.

We sell various models and types of safety coverall uniforms of various well-known brands in Indonesia. Our products have good quality and quality so that they can be relied on as personal protective equipment.

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