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Body Harness Protecta

Body harness Protecta is one type of safety equipment that is generally used by workers associated with height. This product is designed from a strong belt or strap so that it can support the entire body, even the belt can support loads up to 500 kg. The benefits provided by the body harness is that it can protect workers who work at an altitude of more than 1.8 meters. This makes a full body harness an important tool in working in a place that is very risky for accidental falls.

Body harness is needed by officers or workers who carry out activities at a certain height. Provide a sense of security and comfort while working and minimize the risk of accidents or falls. We sell a variety of body harnesses, one of which is Protecta Body harness. Protecta products have been tested for quality and excellence so that they can be relied on for worker safety.

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