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Body Harness GOSAVE

GOSAVE body harness is a type of body harness that is widely used in Indonesia. GOSAVE's body harness is used as a personal protection tool for workers from high altitude so as not to fall. This product is commonly used for buildings, projects or rock climbing. Able to withstand a weight of up to 180 kg. Body harness is worn throughout the body that has a place for safety / moorings located on the chest and there is also a body harness that has a safety / mooring place located on the back. Full body harness is commonly used by workers who do work in difficult / altitude fields, and can also be used for high angle rescue techniques, both worn by rescuers and by victims.

GOSAVE offers quality body harness and full body harness that can be relied on for any height-related activities or work. Produced using high density material, so it is not easily broken or brittle.

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