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Body Harness

Body harness is one type of personal protective equipment in the form of a safety belt that is attached to the body so that when the mechanic falls, it will depend on the body harness that is tied to the heavy equipment. Body harness is worn on the body as a safety located on the chest and there is also a body harness that has a safety / mooring place located on the back. Full body harness is commonly used by workers who do work in difficult / altitude fields, and can also be used for high angle rescue techniques, both worn by rescuers and by victims. Safety harness is also commonly used by people who are rescuing victims at an altitude or used by victims who want to be saved. Safety harness is familiar to use by people who like climbing activities such as rock climbers, where falling is part of the activity.

Body harness has several types, among others:
 - Safety harness sits (seat harness)
 - Chest harness
 - body harness

We sell various models and sizes of body harness and full body quality harness at affordable prices. Consists of brands that have been recognized in Indonesia, so they can be relied on for you.

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