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Karunia Safety (DKI Jakarta, Indonesia)

Karunia Safety, which is based in West Jakarta, has been trusted since 2010 as a trusted and most complete Supplier of Safety Equipment. Starting from the many needs for safety equipment We see a huge opportunity, because at that time the Supplier of Safety Equipment is still counted while the need for safety equipment is very much. Coupled with background experience and knowledge in the industry Safety Tools Karunia Safety menembah is sure to become a Supplier of Safety Equipment in Jakarta in particular and Distributors of Safety Equipment in Indonesia in general.

The product field of safety equipment that we sell covers all safety needs such as Safety Shoes, Coverall / Wearpack, Safety Helmets, Safety Gloves, Fire Equipment, body harnesses, to Traffic Signs. Safety tools that we sell are available in various types and brands, such as coverall products We sell consists of all types of coverall for example Coverall Nomex, Tecasafe Coverall, Coverall Eurotech, Coverall Catoon, even We provide custome coverall as needed. On safety shoes products we are the most complete seller of safety shoes, various brands and types of shoes that we sell. In fact, we are trusted as a red wing safety shoe outlet in Jakarta.

The gift of safety develops business in safety equipment to APAR products or commonly known as fire extinguishers. Various types such as APAR Powder 1 kg to 9 kg APAR Powder, APAR Foam, APAR Co2, to refill / refill APAR tubes. Due to the rapid growth of safety equipment, Grace Safety is always innovating, to reach the leading and trusted Safety Equipment Supplier position. With a consistent orientation towards customer satisfaction as an important factor in the success of the goals of Karunia Safety.

Greetings and Always Success,
Karunia Safety


Menjadi Perusahaan Supplier Alat Safety Terlengkap dan Terpercaya.


Selalu Berinovasi, Untuk Mencapai Posisi Terdepan dan Dapat Dipercaya, di bidang alat safety Dengan Orientasi Yang Konsisten Terhadap Kepuasan Pelanggan.


Sebagai Supplier Alat safety Kami jual alat safety seperti:

  • Coverall / Wearpack (Seragam Safety)
    Kami menjual semua jenis dan merk coverall / wearpack contoh produk yang Kami jual coverall nomex, coverall cotoon 100%, coverall tecasafe, wearpack eurotech, coverall / wearpack japan drill, korean drill, Baju Pemadam Kebakaran (coverall pemadam), dan banyak lagi seragam safety lainnya.
  • Sepatu Safety
    Sebagian produk sepatu safety yang Kami jual, Sepatu Safety Red Wing, DR OSHA, dan sepatu safety lainnya.
  • APAR / Tabung Pemadam Kebakaran
    Semua jenis APAR kami jual seperti APAR Powder, Foam, CO2 dari APAR ukuran 1kg hingga 9kg, Kami juga menyediakan refil atau pengisian ulang tabung APAR.
  • Sarung Tangan Safety
  • Helm Safety
  • Alat-alat safety lainnya


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